UN Volunteers Uganda | Crisis Prevention & Recovery
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Crisis Prevention & Recovery


UNV will concentrate on three focus areas: a) disaster prevention and risk reduction; b) recovery, including livelihoods; and c) conflict prevention and post-conflict recovery.

UNV has significant experience in disaster prevention and risk reduction. The Hyogo Framework for Action explicitly recognized the added value and contribution of volunteerism to disaster risk management, particularly volunteerism’s role in strengthening community capacities to respond to and prevent disasters. UNV’s involvement in this area will focus on supporting countries and situations where there is an identified risk and high vulnerability to disaster.11 To mitigate the effects of crisis and address the root causes, UNV works at both national and community levels to encourage and support inclusive and coherent national disaster prevention and risk reduction strategies.

UNV develops innovative approaches to recovery by harnessing the power of volunteerism and community action to build upon the innate social capital, capacity and culture, as well as the ancient traditions of self-help, goodwill and solidarity that exist in every community and society around the world. UNV has extensive experience and expertise with volunteerism in this sector, comprising almost 23% of its current support. This will be achieved by working closely with communities, governments, civil society organizations including CBOs, UN agencies, private sector, academia, media and other stakeholders in fostering the community dialogue that will lead to disaster prevention and risk reduction plans. This includes establishing and/or strengthening appropriate national volunteer programmes or schemes for disaster response. Through community-centred capacity building approaches facilitated by both national and international volunteers, UNV will also provide coordination, operational and technical support to district administration and NGOs, including volunteer involving organisations.

Recovery, including livelihoods initiatives, will aim to generate self-sustaining, nationally-owned and resilient processes that enable communities to return to a pre-crisis state of development. UNV has significant experience in this area, especially in livelihoods, shelter, governance, environment, and the reintegration of displaced populations. UNV brings added value by fostering recovery processes that are inclusive and broadly owned, enhancing long-term resilience.