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About UNV

The UNV Programme in Uganda started in 1983 with the first volunteers deployed under the World Food Programme (WFP) relief projects in the north-eastern part of the country. In 1986, the UNV Programme recruited its first UNV Programme Officer for better coordination of programme activities following the effort to assist the country, which had just emerged from a civil war, in its reconstruction and rehabilitation. In 2016, the UNV Programme has grown from the initial volunteer that was deployed to the current forty-four (44) UN volunteers of which 23 of them are internationals while the rest are nationals.  The gender ratio stands at 43% of females against 57% of males.

Programme Support to UN Agencies in Uganda

The UN volunteers serving in Uganda are deployed 6 UN Agencies supporting the implementation of projects and building the capacity of implementing partners. Their contribution to the development agenda of the country is strongly perceived in the following priority areas:


Delivery of basic services

In the area of delivery of basic services, UNV support mostly UNICEF and UNDP. With UNICEF, UN Volunteers are supporting the delivery of quality health services, the review and design of education curriculum, the development and adoption of child protection policies and building the capacity of community based organizations in the implementation of HACT. By supporting the establishment of mechanisms and adoption of policies for effective mobilization and utilization of diaspora resources UNV also support UNDP in its efforts to strengthen good governance within the structures of government in the country for better delivery of basic services.

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Humanitarian assistance

The majority of UN Volunteers are engaged in Humanitarian assistance with UNHCR and WFP. They are involved in the management of refugees settlements in various sectors: health and nutrition, informal education, human rights protection, data base management and livelihood. With the influx of refugees from DR Congo experienced in recent months, UNHCR staff are overwhelmed and the contribution from UN Volunteers is critical to help the organization carry out with its mandate and maintain high quality of services to its stakeholders.

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Social inclusion

UNV is supporting UN Women, OHCHR and UNFPA in the implementation of many projects relating to the promotion and integration of Gender Equality (JPGE), Human Rights, Transitional Justice and Youth Empowerment. UNV is also spearheading the design of a project titled: “Support to Graduate Volunteers Scheme”. The project which is still at the design stage will see the enrolment of 100 young graduates on a yearly basis into volunteer assignment mainly in the districts for a period of 3 years. The project aims at increasing the employability of young people by providing them with their first real job opportunity.


Environment and climate change

UNV is supporting UNDP in this area specifically through a project implemented by WWF. The project focus on strengthening the efforts and capacities of local governments, CSOs and communities to sustainably manage and utilize natural resources, integrate climate change adaptation and mitigation in their activities and build climate change resilient societies. Another areas of support is the area is through a project implemented by the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB). The specific project where UNV is involved aims to establish and strengthen market linkages within the tourism value and market chains; support the development of new differentiated tourism products and services to include a variety of pro-poor and inclusive tourism experiences that will benefit Uganda’s poor communities.

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